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About Us is one of the Malaysia's leading online stores specialising in modest mulismah fashion. We belive in beautiful clothing and impeccable quality at affordable prices. have a strong presence in Malaysia, and Singapore, offer free express shipping above RM80. 
Coming from a business-oriented family, it was only a matter of time that our Founder Wendy would eventually become an entrepreneur herself. She loved Muslimah fashion and had a passion for business so she combined the two and proceeded to set up her own label.
As she was going through her own personal transformation and with her decision to dress more modestly, it was just a natural progression that she decided to start with shawls as her first product.
Venturing into business with a small team of trusted and like-minded individuals, Wendy and her Khalid decided to revolutionize and simplify modest fashion, to make shawls more practical and easier to wear. After countless brainstorming sessions, trials and errors, they came up with a design for an instant shawl and launched Wenilla Hijab in 2014.
They started selling the shawls online and at bazaars. The instant shawls were a hit and stockists were appointed to handle the increasing demand. pieces are availabe in size S - 6XL, while the kids range is available in 1-8 years sizes. We also carry other fashion items like maternity-wear, headscarves, handbags and belt.